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Watercolor Pens (48 Pack)
Watercolor Pens (48 Pack)
Watercolor Pens (48 Pack)
Watercolor Pens (48 Pack)
Watercolor Pens (48 Pack)
Watercolor Pens (48 Pack)
Watercolor Pens (48 Pack)
Watercolor Pens (48 Pack)
Watercolor Pens (48 Pack)
Watercolor Pens (48 Pack)

Watercolor Pens (48 Pack)

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You can finally paint, create, and personalize like a professional without spending a fortune. 

The Doodle Hog watercolor marker premium brush tip is designed to allow for effortless illustrating, blending and coloring. 

Control the brush stroke by varying pressure on the brush nib. Fine, medium, or bold strokes are literally at your fingertips.

Large assortment of vibrant colors allow for an endless range. Two blender pens (included) create seamless washes and color gradations. 

We guarantee an effortless return through Amazon if you aren't completely satisfied. 

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  • REMARKABLE VALUE Budget friendly price without comprising on quality. Our artists agree, after comparing other expensive water color brush pens, ours offer amazing quality for the money.
  • EFFORTLESS CONTROL You won't be disappointed with these water color markers gives you the ability to move across paper and lay down easily without streaking or leaving wet marks. Its watercolor without big messes. Dipped in water for lighter washes to create beautiful watercolor effect, use without water for fine line marker effects. BETTER than alcoholic markers and more FLEXIBLE than real brushes with color that lends itself to blending and watercolor easily.
  • PROVIDES FINE and BROAD LINES Excellent point tip for calligraphy to intricate graphic work. Easily gets in to those tiny spaces. Soft and flexible brushes allow bristles to lay down for a controlled stroke.
  • INTENSE PIGMENT Blends smoothly over other true and deep colors, and yet can be much lighter color on a wet ground. 48 true deep intense colors and 2 refillable real brush pens packaged in premium gift box.
  • OUR PROMISE Effortless return through Amazon if you are not satisfied with our product.

Read our article; Everything You Need to Know to Create Art with Watercolor Brush Pens

Here is video of How to fill blender watercolor pens;

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Why it's special

Designed to be creativity inducing, confidence building and joyful - here are some of the reasons this product is uniquely Doodle Hog:

Effortless Control: From bold strokes to seamless gradients and color washes in seconds.

Flexible: Flexible brush tips lend themselves to blending and watercolor easily.

Intense Pigment: 48 intense colors and 2 refillable blending brush spends offer a world of color possibilities.

Fine & Broad Lines: Excellent pointed tip for calligraphy. Soft flexible brushes allow bristles to lay down for a controlled stroke.

Remarkable Value: Budget-friendly without compromising on quality.

What you get

Watercolor Pens (48 Pack)

48 watercolor pen marker, 2 blender brush pen

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Donna Osterman
Love this set

Very nice selection of colors. Detail is easy thanks to the shape of the brush and the paint goes on very smoothly. I'm having a lot of fun with these.


I love these pens! The colors are super pigmented and the brush tip allows you to do fine details as well as broad strokes.

L. Olive
The perfect set for creativity!!

This set is absolutely wonderful!! I love how pigmented the colors are. The tips of the markers really allow precise detailing. I was able to get in the smallest parts of my pictures. I love how well the colors blend and that it comes with 48 colors. The perfect set for someone loves to unlock their creativity!

Brandy O.
Great Results and Versatility

These watercolor brush pens are excellent! I used them to color with in an adult coloring book and then I quickly sketched a tree with them to test the versatility of them. They are capable of fine lines, wider lines, drawing shading, textures and so on. The colors did not smudge or bleed together or rub off on my hand. These are great for just about any art project!

Easy to use and no mess!!!

very easy to use even with writing!
no mess at all !!!

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