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Back to school printable


A new school year is right around the corner! Capture first day of school memories with our FREE back to school templates!

We’ve created an easy to fill in template with a variety of colors to choose from and plenty of room for your child to personalize their own sign!

To print, we suggest using cardstock or a thicker paper if your child is holding the paper by itself. If using a frame, standard printer paper will work.

If your child or student’s handwriting is not legible have them tell you what they would like to fill in the blanks and write it for them.


Make it Your Own

Have your child or student decorate their sign after filling in the categories. Our Dab and Dot markers, NOYO crayons, or Watercolor Brush pens are perfect to add a pop of color.

Get Fancy

Go to your local Resale shop or craft store and pick up a frame, pop in the template and voila! A beautiful photo.

Posing Ideas

Have your child post on your front steps or door, in their classroom with their teacher or by their locker. Bonus points for posing with a huge smile!

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