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Collection: Level-Up Your Art! Learn 4 Different Ways to Use Watercolor Pens and Refillable Pens to Enhance Your Masterpieces

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There’s no doubt about it - watercolor pens are pretty magical! The barrel of the pens store the ink, which means no need to have brushes with separate water color palettes! Being able to use beautiful and vibrantly pigmented colors, without needing to have a cup of water to clean the brush before and after each use is one of the many perks of these pens. 

Space-saving and easy-to-use, there is virtually no clean up necessary with watercolor pens, except putting the cap back on. It’s as easy, if not easier, than using markers! What’s more, the fineline tip makes it effortless to add details and leave swift marks in whatever composition you want. The flexible yet sturdy tip also gives you great control over how you want to elaborate on your art.

What About Refillable Pens?

Our refillable pens are additional charms to this set of already gorgeous watercolor pens, giving you a wealth of opportunities to use less ink to fill in the space you wish to color.

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The construction of the refillable watercolor pens includes two main parts and the cap (see photos below). The nozzle twists off to reveal an empty barrel for filling up with water. The pen is cleverly connected to the water reservoir and acts as the water source (no cup of water necessary!). 

The water does not drip unless you squeeze it, and the cap further stops the flow of water when not in use. You may choose to use the handy refillable pen to replace a cup of water and brush, or use it together with various mediums, such as water soluble pens, crayons, or pencils for a different type of watercolor look. It can fill up a background of a painting or give your watercolor painting an extra boost for a dreamy and subtle blurry effect.

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Keep reading for four different ways you can use our set of watercolor pens and refillable pens to create and enhance your masterpieces:

#1: Control the Disbursement of Water

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With the refillable pen design, you can control the amount of water you want to disperse by paying attention to the strength and length of time you use to squeeze the barrel of the pen. You’ll love experimenting with these convenient and versatile pens!

#2: Draw out Colors in other Water Soluble Mediums

Use the watercolor pens, in conjunction with the refillable pen by making your mark and spreading the color. Simply add a drop of water to diffuse the color and spread it however you wish. 

Below, notice how the artist created a lovely tulip flower by dispersing a drop or two of water from the refillable pen, which dilutes the red marking from the watercolor pen. Gorgeous and easy!

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Use the refillable pens to draw color out from water-soluble crayons, like the Doodle Hog NOYO Crayons (we used them in the painting below). Or you can brush over water-soluble colored pencils by squeezing the body of the pen gently until the brush tip is wet enough to brush over the mark.

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The watercolor pens, along with the refillable pens, comes in a complete set - everything you need to create whatever masterpiece you like! The depth you can create through both layering and the use of mixed media brings your art to life. The ease of use makes this watercolor set ideal for beginners and experts alike.

#3: Choose Different Shaped Brushes for Different Purposes

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For the red flower, the artist used the rounded tip brush to carefully draw out color from the mark the red watercolor pen made.

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They used the flat tip brush to draw out color from the water soluble crayon they used to draw the leaves of the flowers, as well as the grass. The two different tips of the brushes give the artist the capacity to choose whatever tip he or she likes for the purpose of their painting.

#4: Use Refillable Pens to Complete a Painting

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After creating each component of your painting (for example, here we create flowers), you can use the refillable watercolor pens to delicately brush over the background, bringing forth a more cohesive look to the whole painting. The grass in this garden filled the background space.

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How to Clean the Refillable Pen

CLEANING THE REFILLABLE PEN is a breeze! No sink required here.

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Here are the simple steps to clean the refillable watercolor pen:

  1. Hold and let the water drip out as much colored ink as you can.
  2. Dab the brush tip on the paper towel to dry it and ensure the colored water that was dripping is now clear.

That’s it! It doesn’t get much easier than that, my friends. 

Show Us Your Watercolor Masterpieces
Now that you know the fantastic and simple ways you can use your watercolor pens and refillable pens to level-up your artwork, we would love to see what you create! When you share your art on social media, don’t forget to hashtag #doodlehog.

 ♥ The Doodle Hog Team

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