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Collection: Mother's Day Necklace Two Ways Plus Three Bonus Variations

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching! Here are two model magic inspired Necklace Crafts using the latter: Model magic, paint markers, stampers and beads. Scroll down for three other variations of necklace crafts. 

Model Magic Beaded Necklace

via Hopscotchmom

Before you begin, spread out some easel paper on your work surface or take out your art trays for easy clean up!


art trays
easel paper


1.- Have your child make round balls about 1-1.5 inches big.

2.- Have them insert each ball onto a paintbrush handle. This will be the easel for painting the beads.

3.- Paint them and brush over when dry with Model Magic glaze to give it a slightly glossier look.

4.- String them onto an elastic string and your mommy will have a handmade necklace, created with love, that she can wear on Mother’s Day!

It is special because the child put in his/her special touch on it using either their favorite colors or mommy’s. So many variations can be made and not one piece will be exactly the same. Each piece is special; just like mama!


Stamp Inspired Model Magic Necklacevia Hopscotchmom

via Hopscotchmom

1.- Roll a ball using model Magic of the size to your liking and flatten for stamping.

2.- Choose a stamp you like and stamp it onto the newly flattened canvas. This will be the main pendant for this necklace. If you don’t have stamps laying around, you can try using play dough tools or a toothpick (with adult supervision) to create and carve out a design too.

3.- Carefully, insert the stamped bead onto a paintbrush end to make the hole for the bead and to hold it up as you paint.

4.- Use watercolors to paint the stamp imprint or design. Let it dry over night.

5.- Repeat steps 1-4 to create the back of the bead. You can paint it a solid color or just other stamps. This way, mom can sport two different designs!

6.- You can put Model Magic glaze over the entire pendant, front and back to give it a shine and make it somewhat stronger and prevent crumbling.

7.- String the pendent onto an elastic string or jewelry string and add several beads to the right and left of it.

Mom will surely be proud to wear this on Mother’s Day, to a party, when she’s at brunch with her friends or on a dinner date!

via Hopscotchmom

BONUS Necklace Variations that can also be made into a Bracelet:

Wooden Necklace:

If you have wooden beads, the paint markers will also work well with them and the necklace will be longer lasting and can hold up well with even everyday wear.

Recycled Beads Necklace:

If you have junk paper laying around, you can cut into strips, roll them up and tape the ends. Paint and string them!

Edible Necklace:

Use Cheerios or fruit loops to make matching necklaces with mom and munch on them for breakfast! These necklaces often don’t make it out of the house!

Wishing Everyone a Very Happy Mother's Day!

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